Love And Rockets

Thank you SA for starting my Sunday with your fantastic post about ‘Love and Rockets’ a comic series I’ve never was able to read or follow because in the times when it was printed in Germany you could only buy some comics from Mickey Mouse or others. Comics from other ones we could barley by a sample comic called ZACK in the late 70s/early 80s. But none of the issues showed me to Jaime Hernandez and his co-creation ‘Love and Rockets’. I’m just a little bit of sad that I wasn’t able to join – but it’s never too late to search some of this issues. Jaime Hernandez is not unknown to me. I think he did some artworks for Michelle Shocked and Los Lobos.

The band’ name was taken from the comics series and was formed from a former member of Bauhaus in the early 80s. They were an British alternative band that combined influences from punk and psychedelic to their own sound and got a big hit with their cover version of the Motown classic ‘Ball of Confusion’. For me they were still a good band and worth to get them remembered.

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