But now you have gone and your prejustice wont keep you warm tonight

No, I didn’t lost my love – but the last days I was in mood to listen to one of the best bands ever. Actual most songs of The Smiths tell us about feelings when you lost your love, feeling lonely and you couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the times I felt sad, the songs of The Smiths helped me finding my way back in a brighter life. Although knowing, that there is someone who felt the same way.

Enjoy and have a good day

The Smiths – What difference does it make


Let’s face the rest of the working week

Here’s a track that I can’t get out of my head for hours. I remember when this song was published in 2003 it was one of the favorite tunes I heard all summer long. Most of the songs for Depeche Mode was written from Martin Gore. Because songs from Dave Gahan had no chance to get on records like ‘Ultra’ or ‘Exciter’ he decided to make a solo record. Not the greatest record that year but still a catchy tune.

Enjoy and have a good week
Dave Gahan – Dirty sticky floors

Exploring the archive

A couple of weeks ago I got a comment from my brother on a post including the link to Dirks homepage. The next day I searched my archive for his music – but I couldn’t find the tracks. I was certain that the song must me on my hard drive (maybe with a different tab). After searching for hours I send an E-Mail to my brother to give me the songs again. He answered me, that gave it to me on a CD. After that I recognized where I have to search. At least I found it an made a copy on my hard drive.

Mr. Darmstaedter traveled in his younger days with his guitar all over Europe by train, play on the streets to get some money. After returning back to Germany he started to form a band called The Jeremy Days who entered the German single charts back in 1988 with ‘Brand New Toy’

After a several years of playing the band shut down and Dirk started a single career. He released several records on his own name and also as Me and Cassity.

The songs I searched in my archive was a compilation of songs that was records live in studio, in living rooms and other locations. Some with a small band – some just the artist and his guitar. They were formerly postet on his homepage and called ‘the original podcasts’. Some songs he wrote himself – others are inspired covers of songs from the last decades.

For me, he’s a wonderful singer/songwriter – worth to listen.

Enjoy and have a good weekend

Dirk Darmstaedter – Nothing ever happens

Dirk Darmstaedter – Both sides now