Pump up the volume


o slowly it becomes on the work again a little quiet and I come more relaxed to lives. I am invited later with a good friend to a small celebration. Occasion is that she has started her professional training 25 years ago. On the way home I have thought to myself what I have made in 1987 which music was in the charts and which event was decisively for this year.

The main thing I still remember was political mole scandal. The German politician Uwe Barschel  has spied on his political challenger and died short time later in mysterious manner.

In music it was the big time for Stock, Aitken, Waterman. I still remember M|A|R|S|S with all their samples and that awesome sound. I think it also stood the test of time.

Listen and enjoy

Pump up the volume


Rip it up


I’m back on my blog after a period of laziness. Before I go out for dinner with a good girlfriend of mine I will leave you with a song from the great Orange Juice. I think it was from their second record. There are so many hymns sung from other bloggers out there (particularly from Scotland). Prominent, on this occasion, is The Vinyl Villain. Really worth to follow.

Listen and enjoy

Orange Juice – Rip it up

What’s so funny bout peace, love and understanding


back from some hard days at the office. Not that I have too much work, but I have to work through so many new things and I have also to represented my colleague who is gone for some weeks on vacation.

Therefore I spent an evening on the couch, surf the Internet a bit, listen to some music and have casually keep an eye on the Champions League. Not that I’m a fan of Bayern Munich, but if even a German team plays internationally, I will continue to to support them.

As I previously viewed the news, I had to think, in what times we live. Just rotate through all? The Middle East is in turmoil, Muslims are calling for war and I wonder where all this will end yet. If we internalize the three words from the title, we were on a good step towards a better future.

Therefore one of my favorites in a live version

If we at it, then I put on yet another song from the past.

Enjoy and have a good time.

Los ninos del parque

just came back from my weekly meeting with our friends. Had a funny evening with talking, laughing, gambling – all together called fun. Just got a flashback to the mid eighties and the german so called Neue Deutsche Welle (New Wave). One of my favorites in this time were Liaisons Dangerous. It has an hypnotic groove that stood the test of time. In my mind one of the first acid-house track, before it’s even called acid house.
Have a drink and enjoy.

Working week ahead

Hi there,
weekend is nearly over and we can start a new week working. Had me a peaceful weekend watching football, listen to music, searching the internet and relaxing. So I can start the forthcoming week very easily, because I am satisfied on my own with no worries on my back. Therefore let’s pick up some tune I hear so often when I’m on myself.

Not the origin version by the Clash – just a very good version from a french band, who covered a lot of great 80th tunes in a special jazzy style.

Listen, enjoy and have a good week
Nouvelle Vague  Guns of Brixton

Hold on

Hold on
It is sunday again, my baby is out for vacation and I have some time to relaunch my blog. This is just a test to check out sharing files with the community. I chose a song, that I do not bring out of my head recently. It is from the Alabama Shakes, taped on a live session for an American Network.
Listen and enjoy
Alabama Shakes – Hold On

A new day


it’s a new day and I’m ready for a new post. I spent a couple of hours with a very good friend on my balcony smoking, drinking and philosophize about life, relationship and some more essential things. Now I’ll finish with some heavy stuff from Spaceman 3. Still love this song, because it’s so simple but very impressive.