One of the two leaders from the mighty Buzzcocks (the other one was Howard Devoto) released his second solo album back in 1981. Pete Shelley made a fantastic record mixing guitars, synthesizer and electronics to a forward beating sound. The title song of his same titled record  was banned from BBC because of ‘explicit reference to gay sex’. But anyway – this song became a smash on the dancefloors.

Enjoy and have a good time

Pete Shelley – Homosapien


Silver And Gold

Too much to do these days to continue the blog I want it to do. But anyway here’s a song that is close to me all over the years. Not only that it was from Joe Strummer – no the lyrics mean a lot to me and the older I get the more I can understand his words.
I’m gonna go out dancin’ every night
I’m gonna see all the city lights
I’ll do everything silver and gold
I got to hurry up before I grow too old

I’m gonna take a trip around the world
I’m gonna kiss all the pretty girls
I’ll do everything silver and gold
And I got to hurry up before I grow too old

Oh, I do a lotta things, I know is wrong
Hope I’m forgiven before I’m gone
It’ll take a lotta prayers to save my soul
And I got to hurry up before I grow too old

I’m gonna take a trip around the world
Gonna kiss all the pretty girls
Who do everything silver and gold
And I got to hurry up before I grow too old

In Memory Of Elisabeth Cotton

I remembered the great Minutemen these days and listen to a lot of their songs. Still appreciate their powerful playing and combining a lot of different styles in their very own way. The Minutemen were on way to a little success when their guitar player D. Boone died at a car accident. The band immediately resolved to found fIREHOSE. The hired as their guitar player Ed fromOHIO (Crawford) a fanatic fan of The Minutemen. Maybe this song is not quite typical for fIREHOSE but I love it all over the years. As I know it is a homage to Elisabeth Cotton, an American blues and folk musician who created a very own style of playing guitar (playing the bass line with her fingers and the melody with her thumb). That’s why her way of playing bass is called ‘Cotton picking’.

fIREHOSE – In memory of Elisabeth Cotton

Chromakey Dreamcoat

Sometimes I wonder why Scotland has produced so many great bands in the past years. Maybe it’s because they life in their very own tradition absorbing a lot of styles and develop their very own one. One of this bands is Boards of Canada a band formed by the brothers Michael and Marcus Eoin Sandison. Played together since they were young they had their first releases in the middle of the 1990s. Their first full record from 1998 was well recommended by critics as well as by John Peel. All over the years the years they released only a few albums and a few EPs but still high quality. Their sound is a very own mixture of electric music played with analog instruments and some samples that make a warm and emotive sound. This song is from their record ‘The Campfire Headphase’ released on Warp Records in 2005

Boards Of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat

The Man In Me

A few days ago Swiss Adam had a post about Bob Dylan. Reading this post and the comments I thought about when I stopped following Mr. Dylan. I think it was in the mid 1970s after he released ‘Desire’. Maybe because the times they are a-changing or he made records that wasn’t that interesting for me any more. All over the years I grabbed out some of his records from time to time and played some his songs but was not able to listen to a whole record. I still like ‘Blood on the tracks’ especially ‘Tangled up in blue’, his trip to Nashville as well as John Wesley Harding. This song is from ‘New Morning’ and I don’t know why I love this song all over the years.

Happy Birthday Kevin

I don’t have lo loose many words about Mr. Rowland except that he was a trained hairdresser. First recognized him as the lead singer of the Killjoys (a band who started with the punk explosion in 1977) who made a brilliant single ‘Johnny won’t get to heaven’. Disillusioned from punk rock, he immersed himself into vintage soul music, particularly the records of Geno Washington. In 1978 he founded Dexy’s Midnight Runners together with Kevin Archer the former lead guitarist of The Killjoys. The hit the scene with a brilliant album. Every song of the record is a killer and it got on a very heavy rotation on my player. I still don’t know what impressed me more the music or the lyrics at this time. Playing vintage soul with a punk attitude and telling stories about very true things. I got old with this record and it was always a good friend to me. Saw him once live a couple of years later when he promoted the following album Too-Rye-Ay where he added Celtic Folk to his understanding of Soul music. The record was a big seller and ‘Come on Eileen’ is still played in every dance party in my place. After releasing the their third album Dexy’s Midnight Runners break up. They changed their style and music again but the listeners wouldn’t follow him and it was a commercial failure.

He did one solo album throughout the years what I never listened but he returned last year with the reunion of Dexys and a monument of record ‘One day I’m going to soar’. There he showed me that he never forgot what made him worth listen to. Perfect songs that grow the more times you listen to and lyrics full of wisdom and truth. Some of his words I agree to 100%. A great artist can celebrate today his 60th birthday.

Go on and stay well Kevin.

Dexys – It’s O.K. John Joe

Thank God It’s Weekend …

… after a another day with a lot of things to do and to manage. I hope,  that this working day will end soon and next week will be better. So I will start the day with an old tune from the late 1970s and a band that worked at this time for long years. The Flamin’ Groovies are known as one of the forerunners of punk rock and they also had a major influence on the British power pop genre. This is one of their most know songs and was produced from Dave Edmunds – another legend who had a big influence to the pub-rock scene.