Battle Of The Blogs … Round 1

Alright Dirk, I will accept the challenge with great pleasure. I also don’t wanna bore anyone with less details in this post – just adding a few songs to see what will happen. More stories and details will be published on my regular series. I totally agree to your intention to your post and looking also forward to some comments about our German tunes. 
So listen and enjoy, friends.
The first one in this round is from a Hamburg based band and they published their few records on the famous ZickZack-label founded by the godfather of punk and New Wave journalism Alfred Hilsberg. It’s a cracking song from Geisterfahrer and means ‘Heaven on earth’. 
The second one in this round is from a band who was very successful all over the period of NDW although they didn’t made that plastic sound lot of others did. They saw them self as a part of the punk movement. And here are Extrabreit with ‘Policemen’.

2 thoughts on “Battle Of The Blogs … Round 1

  1. Great you picked the theme up, Walter although I expected nothing else from you! Extrabreit got a terrible slack in 'Verschwende Deine Jugend', they were seen as the old Rock farts the Punks fighted against: I saw them live in 1984 and they were pretty cool, as far as I remember!

  2. Thx Dirk. I know that Extrabreit didn't get the respect they should have. The only reason might be their success and that the was focused as a part of the commercial NDW. Saw Extrabreit a few times throughout the last 20 years and it was still fun listening to them. Have a nice weekend.
    Cheers, Walter

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