Hi everyone out there,

since two days I watch what happens over the atlantic ocean in the United States of America. There’s a terrible storm moving toward the eastcoast. I can imagine what it means for the people, because a couple of month I saw some alike in Florida. Tons of rain, streets full of water and houses without electricity. The most people who will suffer are those who haven’t enough money. New York without any electricity – this must be so horrible. I wonder how many people will take the chance to plunder the stores. But anyway – I feel with the people on the eastcoast. But don’t forget the people who make the same experiences in the carribean sea. Nobody recognize them – just because they have no TV showing the pain on their islands.

Bruce Springsteen – 4th of July Asbury Park


Keeping it Peel

Eight years ago since the best DJ ever died. I think is is not necessary to lose more words about him and his place in history of modern/independent music. All words about him are said – open your ears for new music.

A very good overview is understandable with the help of his legendary sessions. Therefor and to give him a monument the BBC created a homepage.

One of my favorite is dated from 1980 by the Dexy’s Midnight Runners. I still love their power and giving back the horns to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Listen and enjoy

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Geno
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Horse
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Breaking down the walls of heartache
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – (tell me when) my lights get green

Songs the Lord taught us Pt. 3


made today a lazy day at home, watching television and working on my blog. Before I leave to watch one of my favorite football team I give you some early songs from the eighties.

Every time I hear these songs I remember the days of our youth, where we did what we did and listened to any kind of music. One of my favorites was Tenpole Tudor – a small band with only two or three smash hits in the British charts. Still simple but anyway easily to hear beside (especially to drink a beer by).

Listen and enjoy

Three bells in a row is for a very good friend of mine – good luck at the slot-machine

Rebel yell: Europe has received the Nobel prize for peace


About one week ago the European Union has received the Nobel peace prize. As a reason it was called to us that the European Union and her precursors more than 60 years have protected away the war in Europe. It is right that there was no more war since the second world war in Western Europe and that with the death of the fascistic leaders in Europe a sort of democracy in these countries move has held.

If I think about the reasons for this long time without war, I think that the reasons lies for this in the prosperity which has entered after the world war in middle europe. In addition, is the post-war generation has become more and more hedonistic. Not to forget, the technical achievements and the possibilities to travel around the world have a decisive portion that no more other war has broken out.

How fragile this peace is, we have seen when former Yugoslavia has burnt and the ethnic groups with shining hatred and murder desire have met. And now my question: Where was Europe at this time? What does Europe undertake in the today’s time if in many member states minorities call themselves to word and demand more sovereignty?

I don’t know the answer exactly and I finish now with politics.
Have a nice weekend people

Red Guitars – Good technology

Starbucks sucks

Hi Starbucks, finally welcome in the reality. Already longer time I am angry at the relation between price and achievement. All mad coffee creation which no one really needs irritate me. But Starbucks is just announced with the young people. So drink your coffee straight.

Have a nice weekend

Otis Redding – Cigarettes and coffee

PS: Thank’s to my brother Marting for finding this picture