Malcolm Morley

Because I’m off working this week, I had some time to surf some paintings in the web. And there I found again the works of Malcolm Morley. He was born in 1931 in London and now living in the United States. He often used a grid to transfer photographic images from a variety of sources to transfer to canvas as accurately as possible and became one of the most named photorealists. Laater his works turned more and more expressionist and joined collages into his works.

The day as the earth caught fire

Today it’s 80 years ago in Berlin the Reichstag in Berlin was on fire. It was the parliament building of the German republic. The fire was based on arson. In the scene was arrested a man called Marinus van der Lubbe. Indeed, the circumstances and the culpability could not become perfectly proved and are discussed till this day controversially.
Next morning was nothing the same as the day before. The government  remit an order for the protection of empire and state. With it the fundamental rights of the Weimar Repuplik were completely cancelled practically and the way free-removed for the legalized pursuit and arrest of the political opponents of the NSDAP. Daily they took more and more people into prison and because there wasn’t cells enough they founded the first concentration camps.
For the Nazis was everything clear: this must be organized by the communists! So they arrested a German member of the communist party and also three Bulgarian communists for instigation van der Lubbe to the arson. Therefor he was judged in advance and he was killed by guillotine later that year.
Although also I cannot prove it, I am persuaded that the arson was decided by Hitler and his henchmen themselves to switch off unpleasant competitiors and the choice, they in March, 1933 took place in your favour to influence. The end is well known all over the world. 

Bombing World Trade Center

Today it is 20 years ago the WTC was the first time attacked by an terrorist bomb attent. In the morning of February 26, 1993 a van blew up in the underground parking of the WTC. Six people died and more than 1.000 people were injured. Shortly after the bomb attack the Egyptian sheikh Umar Abd ar-Rahman was arrested and condemned some year later to custody for life.
After his arrest confessed the principal offender that was planned to use a larger amount by far of explosive, so that a tower will collapse and tear the other with in the deep. Besides, the terrorists have gone out from a number of 10,000 deaths who should die in this poster. How lucky that they hadn’t so many explosive to get this final done.
I remember very well what I thought about, when I heard the news the first time. For me it was the ending of the way of life I was used to. All things happened afterwards in the name of or against al-Qaida started with this attack. Remember how easy it was to travel throughout the world, how joyful it could be travel to countries in near east and don’t have to be afraid of your life. And this was also the starting signal for all the radical Muslims to go to conquer the world. We can’t stop this machine we set running and the fury of them radicals will never stop.
So let’s stop with black thoughts and have fun with our families and all the other things we love (as long as we can). This one is from the first Can record and with it’s driving rhythm a classical tune.
Listen and have a good week people

The Dark Valley

Got an infection last weekend so I spent my days at home and found the time to read some novels. During the reading I have been dragged more and onto the story, so that I could not put aside the book any more. What begins as a simple home history in the Austrian mountains ends with the revenge and atonement of long past crime. The author combines the best of describing the people living in the valley with a very big touch of Sergio Leone. It remains a lot to Django coming in a small town towing his coffin behind him.
If you ever get the chance to read this in English – grab the book. It’s worth reading. 

Flaming Hearts

This week I was very busy talking to C. what happened during the last weeks and also watching the German team in the Champions League so that I hadn’t enough time working on my block. It is now between dinner and going out with my brother in law that I write this post.
Today’s music comes from a German musician who had great influence in electronic music. In his early days he was a co-member of Kraftwerk an a full-member of NEU! They made fantastic music to relax (lot of people used to smoke to this music in these days). Nowadays you can hear this kind of music in rotten versions all over the esoteric wave or in the supermarket. But the originals were never beaten. 
I read in wiki, that Michael Rother did some jams with Joe Frusicante from RHCP. If it’s true – great respect to them.
Enjoy people and have a good week

The curse of the Pharaoh

90 years ago the English archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter unsealed the burial chamber of Tutankhamun an Egyptian pharaoh. Carter was employed by Lord Carnarvon to supervise the excavations in the Kings Valley. After several time his excavation group found the steps to the tomb of  Tutankhamun. After breaking the seals of the burial chamber he surprised what he saw. Later he wrote this words:

At first I could see nothing, the hot air escaping from the chamber causing the candle flame to flicker, but presently, as my eyes grew accustomed to the light, details of the rooms emerged slowly from the mist, strange animals, statues, and gold – everywhere the glint of gold.

It was sensational, because most of the tombs were robbed in former times. And now the mystery begins – it is known as the curse of the pharaoh.

At the day, they opened the burial chamber Horard Carters bird was bitten by a cobra. For the Egyptian workers a bird is a lucky symbol and a cobra was the symbol of the pharaoh. A couple of month later Lord Carnarvon was stung by a mosquito in Cairo. While using a razorblade for shaving he cut the stitch and first got infected and later he got pneumonia. In his febrile delirium he shouted many times ‘A bird is scratching my face’ and then he died. Exactly at the time he died all the lights went out in Cairo and his dog far away in England started to howl and fell dead to the ground.

Nice story but I don’t believe in any kind of curses. So have a nice weekend and enjoy everything. Cheers
Gun Club – Run through the jungle

Friday again

Thank god it’s Friday and I can leave work behind me until next week. This week was very quiet on account of the fact that many colleagues have used the school holidays in the carnival time and have taken vacation. That’s why I have used the opportunity to do duties which I already move over since weeks before myself. But finally it’s done and I can enjoy weekend.

I am also glad, that carnival season is over right now. It is good for the eyes to have to see no more people who dress up partly infantile manner. And it is good for the ears not to have to hear simple-minded carnival music on every corner. In fact that I live in southern Germany I don’t have to complain. If I would live in Cologne or Düsseldorf – this is the hell. I know what I am talking about. I had to stand this for ten years with my former wife.

Now I am in a sentimental mood, because C.’s coming back tomorrow and I listen to quiet tunes. Today’s gift is a song from John Martyn – one of the best British folk/jazz singer over many decades. It’s wonderful to hear him again after a long time.

So enjoy and have a great weekend
John Martyn – Fine lines