Chromakey Dreamcoat

Sometimes I wonder why Scotland has produced so many great bands in the past years. Maybe it’s because they life in their very own tradition absorbing a lot of styles and develop their very own one. One of this bands is Boards of Canada a band formed by the brothers Michael and Marcus Eoin Sandison. Played together since they were young they had their first releases in the middle of the 1990s. Their first full record from 1998 was well recommended by critics as well as by John Peel. All over the years the years they released only a few albums and a few EPs but still high quality. Their sound is a very own mixture of electric music played with analog instruments and some samples that make a warm and emotive sound. This song is from their record ‘The Campfire Headphase’ released on Warp Records in 2005

Boards Of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat


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