In Memory Of Elisabeth Cotton

I remembered the great Minutemen these days and listen to a lot of their songs. Still appreciate their powerful playing and combining a lot of different styles in their very own way. The Minutemen were on way to a little success when their guitar player D. Boone died at a car accident. The band immediately resolved to found fIREHOSE. The hired as their guitar player Ed fromOHIO (Crawford) a fanatic fan of The Minutemen. Maybe this song is not quite typical for fIREHOSE but I love it all over the years. As I know it is a homage to Elisabeth Cotton, an American blues and folk musician who created a very own style of playing guitar (playing the bass line with her fingers and the melody with her thumb). That’s why her way of playing bass is called ‘Cotton picking’.

fIREHOSE – In memory of Elisabeth Cotton


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