Relaxing with movies

 Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino Movie 2012 Entertainment Blockbuster Red Leonardo DiCaprio Samuel L. Jackson Kerry Washington Sacha Baron Cohen Kurt Russell Christoph Waltz Jamie Foxx

After a couple of busy days in Colombo (staying at the embassy to get a visa for our friend) we took one day off just to relax in our apartment. We have an full equipment of TV and DVD in our living room. Therefor we bought in a store next to us some DVD’s. Of course you can fiend there no legal copies of movies. They are all ripped in Malaysia to be sold all over in asia. But anyway: I was surprised of the quality and the mass of absolutly new movies that were offered.We grabbed about 10 movies , in fact each DVD costs only 100 rupies, what mean in EURO 60 cents.

Besides the new movie by Steven Spielberg (Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis) we bought the new movie from Quentin Tarrantino – Django unchained. I am a great fan of Tarrantino since I saw Reservoir dogs in 1992. His latest movie is one of his best ever, with once again a superp actor like Christoph Waltz. Go out and watch the movie.

The Ruts – Jah war
The Scottish Enlightment – Little sleep


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