Problems with the download

Every post I did in the last three month I supported a band/song to your pleasure/download. Now I got some comment that the download from does not work in cast that your access is not allowed or the file is deleted. Yesterday I checked my settings again and relaunched my last blog.

Please try to download some songs – even older ones from the last month and tell me, if it works. If it does not work I would be grateful for some advises to let it work.

Thank you my friends

Half Man Half Biscuit – I was a teenage armchaired honved fan_V1

Half Man Haalf Bisquit – I was a teenage armchaired honved fan_V2


One thought on “Problems with the download

  1. Morning Walter,HMHB V2 works perfectly well whereas the following message pops up on Boxnet when trying to download V1: "You are logged in from another browser. If this is a mistake, please login again to the right. For more information on our security practices, please visit Box Support."Strange …..All the best,Dirk

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