Twanging Tuesdsay # 28

In this series I featured many artists from the Rock ‘n’ Roll era but I never mentioned Elvis Presley. I was never a big fan of him and his music and when I remember him I have still the picture in my head when he appeared in Las Vegas as a clown. If you maybe remind these pictures it was often forgotten what he made when he recorded his first songs for the Sun label. These songs are still great and sometimes very raw. They were very new for these times and showed us all a new way music could be. Based on simple country music and added the spirit of black peoples blues he made something great. I can remember when I was a young kid my parents watched Elvis’ comeback. Dressed in black leather he played an acoustic set with his well known songs. This was very new for my kids ears but I saw the first concert – even as it was only on TV.

Elvis Presley – That’s Alright Mama


2 thoughts on “Twanging Tuesdsay # 28

  1. I do enjoy the early Elvis stuff and the 68 special comeback and Memphis stuff. Some of the early 70s stuff is actually quite good too.
    I'm reading the second part of Peter Guralnick biography of Elvis, Careless love.

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