Seems like the weather will change throughout the next days. After a period of sun and higher temperature we’ll going into a wet and cold period. According to this I will post a song that makes you feel warmer (hopefully). Lambchop is an American band associated to the Alternative Country music. But there music is much more. They have influences from soul, post-rock and lounge music as well. This song is from their album Nixon released in 2000. A little gem with only a picking guitar added with string and horn arrangements. A song perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

Enjoy and have a good weekend

Lamchop – Grumpus


3 thoughts on “Grumpus

  1. It's not the way you call it CC. I don't mind if it's alternative country, country soul or what ever – I am in the beauty of this song.

    @ SA – thank you.

    Wish you a very nice time mates

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