Kralle Krawinkel RIP

The “Heart of Trio” is dead: the former guitarist of the band, Kralle (means claw) Krawinkel, died on Sunday. First announced a named after the ex-bandmate Stephan Remmler fan site of death, which was confirmed later by music manager George Glueck against the news agency dpa. Glueck referred to the widow of the musician. Krawinkel was 66 years old. Krawinkel had founded Trio together with Remmler and Peter Behrens in 1979. In Trio Krawinkel was responsible for the musical direction. “Stephan is a header, I am the heart and Peter? Peter is the asshole!” is an oft-quoted statement from him. In memory are also reduced its unique guitar solos, which he ever so moved on the stage in the length that the other two band members began to play table tennis. In 1986, the band parted. Krawinkel then tried unsuccessfully to start a solo career, but his album “Kralle” was a flop in 1993. Krawinkel withdrew temporarily returned to Spain, where he ran his own recording studio and walked to his hobbies Western Riding and olive breed. In 1998 he received an entry in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as he rode on a horse from Seville to Hamburg, and thus made the world’s longest horse trek.


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