A Love From Outer Space

Recent days I listened a few times to different remixes of this song. I thought by myself often where the hell I know this song from. Being sure that it wasn’t Andrew Weatherall that gave me this song – only fantastic remixes of them. While working on my series it occurred to me suddenly. It was on the 1989 album from A.R.Kane with the short title ‘I’. A.R.Kane were a British dream pop duo, hailed from East London and also a part of the recording collective MARRS. While their first record was more into the rock clichè their second turned into trip hop and acid house. I got them records on recommendation in the late 1980s and played them a few times. At this time their music was pretty disturbing – not really rock music and not pop music. But later I found out that their music was a kind of blueprint of the future dancefloor sound. 
A.R.Kane – Catch My Drift

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