Twanging Tuesday # 2

Back in the summer of 1984 the hottest thing form Great Britain was King Kurt. A band that played a combination of psychobilly and classical rock – suitable for lots of folks. Released on Stiff records and produced by Dave Edmunds, their single ‘Destination Zululand’ was in this year the common sense of a lot of folks I knew.


4 thoughts on “Twanging Tuesday # 2

  1. Yeah, I had the 12″ which ran backwards: you had to put the needle into the lead-out groove and then it would find its way back to the start. Got rid of it back then though for a very small amount of money.

    I could have a look at discogs in order to find out what it's worth these days, but I'm too afraid to do so … it would probably ruin my day.

  2. I still have this 12″ and it has, however, needed a little time until I got the hang of. Great gimmick – hope you get a copy for less money.

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