Battle Of The Blogs … Round 3

So welcome back to round #3 of our ‘Battle of the Blogs’. It took me a few days until I recovered from Dirks uppercut (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft). My chin still hurts and  I have to pay a little tribute to the high beginning tempo. I will mince in this round more and try to hold Dirk with my leading hand on distance.
Todays band was formed in Hannover – not a center of (modern) music in Germany. Der Moderne Man was a band that wasn’t successful although they would be able to. They started a typical punk band in the late 70s to start their more progressive kind of music. In the early 80s punk turned into a lot of different kind of music. Musicians with that punky background let more and more influences from other kind of music into their music. Der Moderne Man for example has taken influence of funk in their music and result was a little independent hit at our place.
Although they had real good punk songs on their records they tried more and more to combine classical music with their punk background. Maybe the main reason why they didn’t have the success they should have was the fact that in the early 80s tons of new German bands released their stuff – and a lot of them successful bands where shitty as hell. But the mighty John Peel recognized their potential and played them on his show.

4 thoughts on “Battle Of The Blogs … Round 3

  1. Listened to the three songs in the car this morning (which shows you how far behind I am on these things) on me way to work and I must say they are absolutely astonishing: somehow I seem to have missed on Der Moderne Man in the early 80's … will get hold of their back catalogue now!

    Thanks for the introduction, Walter!

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