The Partisan

During the last days I was reading Hans Blickensdörfer’s book again called ‘The Beret’. It’s an autobiographic about the last days of world war II when he got lost from the German troops and tried to have a hidden life in France, wearing a beret like the regular France men used to do. What made his hidden life successful was the fact, that he was able to talk in French without German dialect. After the war he came back to Stuttgart area again as a sports reporter. Especially football and Tour de France. I grew up with his reports of games or events he had seen life. I loved how he could use his worst and being not only a reporter he was also a totally fan of football and cycling.
This song is originally a song about the French Resistance in World War II often know as the Chant des Partisans, which became the unofficial anthem of the French Resistance. This song was covered by a lot of singers/bands. I’ve chosen this one because it is a collaboration between the legendary Leonard Cohen who covered it more than 40 years ago and the French band Noir Desir who became popular in the the 1990s with an record which featured their negative position  to fascism, capitalism and globalism. This song is also a collaboration between Leonard Cohen and Noir Desir.

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