Rescue Mission

I love the Mekons for long, long years. The first time when I have taken notice from them was as they published their first single Where where you’. A short however intensive treatise about unfulfilled love. I felt so much with the words Jon Langford sung in this song. 
Formed in the late 1970s, they are one of the longest-running and most prolific of the first-wave British punk rock bands. Through the years, the band’s musical style has evolved, incorporating aspects of country music, folk music, alternative rock and even occasional experiments with dub. These days, The Mekons are often described as a post-punk, cowpunk and/or alt country band.

Although most of them live in the United States they join for some concerts in Europe. When they visit Germany on their tour they will alway play in a small club close to the place where I stay. It was a few month ago that they showed up again and it was still great to see them live again. I was there with Ed trying to introduce The Mekons to him – and he was surprised about the great gig they played. Before the concert started I had a longer conversation with Sally Timms at the bar and after the concert we talked a long time to all the members of the band. All in all – we had a real good time together and we will watch out for the next concert they will play close to our place.

This song is more an adoption of a letter that a woman read out to her mate about what happened to close members of her family. Put under with a straight sound of an accordion sound Tally Simms reads the letter and tell us more about life in Britain in the 1980s than most stories in the newspaper.

The Mekons – Rescue Mission 

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