Dancing In The Moonlight

Back in the days of my youth we had a location for special events. It was downstairs in a cellar downtown in my hometown. We celebrated new years day and several bank holidays at our little club. What made fun to us in the late 70’s were Thin Lizzy with their great live record. Sometimes we played one whole side at a row. For me Phil Lynott was great at this time and no one could touch his great presence. ‘Dancing in the moonlight’ might be his heritage to us.

Thin Lizzy – Dancing In The Moonlight


5 thoughts on “Dancing In The Moonlight

  1. Ha! Bei uns hatte jedes Dorf einen 'Jugendclub', die am Wochenende dann wechselweise einen 'Jugendball' veranstalteten: da gab's aber mehr AC/DC als alles andere, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere …

  2. Das ist schon richtig. Man musste ja froh sein, wenn nicht zehn mal am Abend Steppenwolf gelaufen ist … Richtig toll wurde es erst in den 80ern, als wir die Möglichkeit hatten, in Kneipen den ganzen Abend unsere Musik laufen zu lassen. Hierzu demnchst mehr.

  3. There's a couple of really moody and introspective covers of 'Dancing In the Moonlight' out there – One by Dublin-based singer/songwriter David Kitt and the other by Smashing Pumpkins.There's also a completely different song called 'Dancing In The Moonlight' by a band called Toploader which has to be one of the most annoying and awful things ever committed to vinyl.

  4. Will check this versions out soon. Toploader's song was very sucessful in Germany – easy listening stuff for those who don't know it better.

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