What has happened only with the football

A couple of days ago Drew from across the kitchen table published in his blog a a nice story where he described his feelings and thoughts about watching a football game from a VIP-box at Villa Park Birmingham. The circumstance of the evolution in how to watch football is running around my head since I’ve read the post.

I am addicted to this game from my youngest days. I still remember the first time my Dad took me to a game of our local team by the age of four or five. At that time I knew football only from our black and white TV set and was surprised that the players wore colored jerseys. From that day I was infected to the game.

Playing several years in the promising teams I quit playing because I turned into puberty and got other Interests than playing football. This was the time I turned into a spectator for football and I gave my heart to a team. Although Cologne is a long way from my place I support the 1.FC Cologne since then and tried to see them play when they played against VfB Stuttgart. And that’s why I also support them.

My Dad’s heart belonged to Stuttgart and we often visited their games. Since the mid 70s we visited lots of games but every time we went there we didn’t lost any idea to take a seat – we always been out on the terraces. Talking to strangers about situations in the game – sometimes ironically and sometimes abusively- that what made fun at that time. In this time most people were not interested into football and when they joined our discussion the blamed us as proles. And we were happy that way because it was our own little world.

But since the mid 90s the world in football began to change. All the major clubs all over Europe began to reduce the terraces to a minimum and tried to make it suitable for mass. More and more people came to the playground because it was hip to go there. And it ended watching the games by public viewing. We’ll never have the days the proles had their own game. It is sad but this will be the way the world goes.

This is a congenial version of a classical tune from The Smiths
Enjoy and have a good weekend.

Dum Dum Girls – There’s a light that never goes out


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