To victories means to see suffering you

was the title of a chapter about a documentary about the Israeli domestic Secret Service called Schin Bet or Schabak I watched this week on TV. It was a sentence spoken from an Palestine diplomat to the boss of the Secret Service during the second Intifada to demonstrate his basic thoughts to the relationship between Israel and Palestine.

In this documentary all the bosses from the last decades of the domestic Secret Service given interviews for the first time ever. They told about the history of nearly the last 50 years in Israel starting from the six-day war 1967 until present time.

Israeli soldiers conquer the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

I grew up with the history of Israel, but until now I heard details about what happened in the Secret Service at this time and why they killed and tortured people over so long time in their own words. To hear an old boss talking about torture like he he would explain his last vacation makes me angry again against the Secret Services all over the world – also the government in this countries that allowed them to act this way.

Not even the headline of this post makes me wonder why this ‘problem’ in near east could be set to an end it’s one more some sentences from a former boss when he explained why the agreement from Camp David according to the Oslo account (creation of a Palestine Nation Authority and granting partial control to them about Gaza Strip and West Bank) was beaten down by the fundamentalists in Israel. A very big wave of hate came over Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel in this time. Rabin was assassinated by Yigal Amir, a right-wing Orthodox Jew who opposed the signing of the Oslo accounts in November 1995.

Knowing that the ultra right-wing orthodox Jews will never accept any restrictions in them Settlement politic and that they hate Palestine people from the ground I give up any hope to peace in near east.

btw: today’s the world woman day. The main aim of an ultra orthodox Jew is to study the holy words and not to work. This has to be done by women.
Intaferon – Get out of London


2 thoughts on “To victories means to see suffering you

  1. Then again, Walter, to be absolutely frank: the last sentence describes an attitude I could well sympathise with. Mrs Loser would kill me though if I suggested it to her, that's for sure …

  2. Still grateful that you introduced my to this record almost 30 years ago! brilliant lyrics. it's one of those songs I've learnt them by heart. classic line: "throw a party for my friends so they wouldn't be lonely – they wouldn't let me in and said it's membership only!"

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