And then one day it happened – she cut ‘er hair and I stopped loving ‘er

Last Friday JC from The Vinyl Villain featured Billy Bragg and his record ‘Don’t try this at home’ from 1991. I took this for a chance to listen more to his music over the last weekend. It is astonishing how many songs and lyrics are familiar to me after all this time still presently. About him is is nearly everything told.

In different blogs it is discussed whether his political songs are the better ones or the love songs. I turned into his music with his first record ‘Life’s A Riot with Spy vs Spy’. On this record and also on the following records he sung very political songs. And most of them I played while I worked as a DJ for the weekend in our local pub. I agreed with lots of his political statements – especially against the Thatcher administration.

When I listen to his love songs nowadays I’ve to confess that a know only a few white singer who are able to sing songs of love and resignation like he does – with his whole heart and empathy.

One of my favorite love song is ‘Walk away Renee’ – his version of the 1966 single from the Left Bank, around own verses complements. Beside the blog-title the song still contains this miraculous dialogue:

I said ‘I’m the most illegible bachelor in town’. 
And she said ‘Yea, that’s why I never can understand any of those silly letters you send me’.

Billy Bragg – Walk away Renee

Another great song about going separate ways to go:

The Streets – Dry your eyes

Listen, enjoy and have a good week.


One thought on “And then one day it happened – she cut ‘er hair and I stopped loving ‘er

  1. Auch sehr schön, die Version auf REACHING TO THE CONVERTED: Reaching to the Converted is an album by Billy Bragg released in August 1999. It is a collection of B-sides and rarities that spans Billy's entire career. It includes variations on old favorites, such as "Greetings to the New Brunette" (retitled "Shirley") and "Walk Away Renee".

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