What Happened To Pub Rock # 16

Nearly two week ago George from Jim McLean’s Rabbit posted a song by the Welsh Prog-Rock band Man. Because up to this time he knew nothing or only a little of this group I have promised more about this group to post. Here we go:

The band is based in South Wales and they played a very own mixture of West Coast psychedelia, Prog-Rock, Blues, Country and Pub-Rock. I feature them because the were an excellent live band and well known for the extended jams in their liver performances. You can read the whole story of this band here. I became aware on this group in the early 70s as Jörg Gülden in SOUNDS (one of the best music magazines at this time) swarmed about this group has. His euphoric criticism has made me to myself buy a record. And I was not disappointed. Only a few songs on each side showed the possibilities the band had. Based on a perfect and steady beat the guitars pushed the songs forward. Man were always a live-band and the best record for me is Maximum Darkness from 1975 featuring John Cipollina as special guest. He was the founder and famous lead guitarist from the West Coast band Quicksilver Messenger Service. He had his own style playing the guitar and this collaboration makes this record something special.

Man – 7171-551
Man – Codine
Man – Bananas


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