Inflammable Material – First Records That Impressed Me Much # 1

While I have written my series ’40 records in 40 years’ if I have bumped over and over again into the debut albums of artists that for me are unforgettable and also even today worth are to be heard (again). So I decided to start a new series about those records. Therefore, I will continue in irregular distances this series – unless, nobody would like to read this.

In 1979 Stiff Little Fingers a Belfast based punk-band release Inflammable Material – and the name was program. It stands in the classical tradition of the Clash, the Lurkers or the Ruts. The tracks are raw, however, partially a little bit haltingly produced, look by the teamwork of two guitars more full than some other album of this time. As with almost every classical punk group is the song material of a little bit different goodness: Classical single tracks with catchy tune quality like Suspect Device, Barbed Wire Love or Alternative Ulster”are mixed with rather average material. Their lyrics were mostly in the tradition of this time like ‘Here we are nowhere – nowhere left to go’. They got more politically in songs like White Noise when the sung about the hostility to foreigners in the UK or Alternative Ulster, stamped by her North-Irish descent. Of course they learned by The Clash to put a reggae song on your record. And they did it – the covered Bob Marley’s Johnny Was. However, differently than other punk bands they do not play reggae with the means of a punk group, no they take tempo out, adapt the title, however, to an almost classical rock song which is marked by the teamwork of both guitars. Not softly and melodically like with Wishbone Ash, but rough and roughly and with an irresistible drive. The intro is White Noise more than one minute to built up dynamic and it takes seven minutes more until they come to an end. It’s a monolith.

Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
Stiff Little Fingers – White Noise
Stiff Little Fingers – Johnny Was
Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster


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