Twanging Tuesday # 31

Chris Spedding is not the typical one that plays a real twanging guitar but he is one that could play it when necessary. Last Tuesday he celebrated his 70th birthday and I think that it is a good reason to pay some tribute in this way. He is one of these musicians who have become known not for own work, but for the support of other artists with her works. He is one of Britain’s most versatile session guitarists. Throughout his career he played nearly every style of rock & roll and some jazz as well. One of his first appearances as a session guitarist was on Jack Bruce’s first solo album Song for a tailor. His qualities are described best if you imagine with which musicians he has played and toured: John Cale, Roy Harper, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Tom Waits, Elton John, Nick Mason …. And don’t forget that he was a member of Mike Batt’s Wombles. He also produced the the first Sex Pistols demos. Although he reached the carts with Motor Bikin most of his other musical output missed the masses. Not that they are important in history of rock they are some pieces you ought to know if you are a bit into good guitar sound.

So listen and enjoy.

Chris Spedding – Nervous
Chris Spedding – Hurt By Love
Chris Spedding – Get Outa Ma Pagoda
Chris Spedding – Motor Bikin


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