Blue Boy

It looks thus as if Ghana my yesterday’s post has read. If I have still said yesterday that no African team has the possibilities to come to the final round, I must correct myself now. Watching the game between Ghana and Germany showed what can happen if a team is willing to fight and to run. It was maybe the best second half during the last couple of tournaments. I have seldom seen a game like this when both teams get rid of their tactical orders and just trying to win the game. After all I have to admit that Germany won one point and I am sure that Ghana is able to beat Portugal. But it’s different to tell which teams will reach the final round. It’s possible that Germany will be fruitless against the United States. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this game watching together with my American brother in law.

Today’s track is from the new album by Mac DeMarco released this year. He is a Canadian and plays a guitar-based music with much influence by early glam-rock, Ray Davis and Jonathan Richman.

Mac DeMarco – Blue Boy


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