That’s What I Watched On TV Years Ago # 3

I remember very well the Sundays in the early 1970s. Mostly me and my father left home after lunch to watch the football game of our local team (often we supported our team as well on their away matches). When we came home round tea-time we used to watch TV. There was one series we both loved to watch. It was Softly, Softly (in German known as Task Force Police). It is a British television drama series showing us the work of regional police crime squads. The series took its name from the proverb ‘softly, softly, catchee monkey’, motto of Lancashire Constabulary Training School. What has impressed me in this series mostly, was her humanity and that it has acted of ‘normal’ people and their destinies. It not always had to be a murder and manslaughter which have tied up me. I remember very much with pleasure Superintendent Watts, to Barlow, to P.C. Snow, to Hawkins, also to the plump Welshman. Maybe this is the a reason that I am drawn to Britain. I was fascinated by the normal criminal offences, “real” investigating activity, real tempo, tone without constant din or music in the background. I can still remember well an episode in which it was about football hooligans. Till then it was completely unknown to me that there can be violence in the football. Even more astonishingly it was for me like the investigators the motives of these hooligans questions have. I would like to see this series again but I think it’s impossible because German TV deleted this series (I don’t know how this can happen) and a lot of series got lost by a fire at BBC.


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