The Foreign Correspondent Returns – Stories About German Rock Music # 29

When I started this series I didn’t thought that I will write so many contributions. Of course I could write about some bands that are real famous in Germany as well as these bands were popular throughout the New German Wave era. Nearly everything that was published by groups like Hubert Kah or Peter Schilling was garbage although millions have loved it. Other ones like BAP from Cologne stood for political correctness. While they sung their songs in in the Cologne dialect, the upraised forefinger has always been present. The whole hype annoyed me around this group and their singer Wolfgang Niedecken because everybody suddenly his opinion have represented and I it seemed to me already that there is a new Führer will uprise. But I have to admit that he did some good love songs when he was older and maybe wiser. Anyway, my intention was to feature some bands from my country that are worth to be listened or had a great influence and inspiration for todays music or just means a lot to a smart ass like me.

The band I will feature today is totally different from them. Kettcar was formed in 2001 by Marcus Wiebusch und Frank Tirado-Rosales. Both had their roots in a band that played hard punk music with political lyrics. called …But Alive. Their music could be described as indie-rock or guitar-pop. I have become attentive for the first time to Kettcar when they have published their first EP to the free download on her homepage. Since then I can’t get this song out of my mind:

Kettcar – Wäre Er Echt

Since then I followed them. With their second album they made their masterpiece. Von Spatzen und Tauben, Dächern und Händen (From sparrows and pigeons, roofs and hands – they mostly had that kind of weired titles for albums) was on my heavy rotation in 2005. The contents of the album are covered by the subject areas love, friendship, dreams, hope and everyday situations. The songs are often intimate and telling something about the struggle of life. That they act politically is shown on the oping song Deiche (dykes) with the words: Ein Volk steht wieder auf – na toll – bei Aldi brennt noch Licht / du weißt: Deiche brechen richtig – oder eben nicht (people get up again – fantastically – in Aldi light / still burns you know: Dykes properly break – or just not)

Kettcar – Deiche
Kettcar – 48 Stunden
Kettcar – Balu

And as a bonus: One of their most popular songs in an unplugged version. Recorded in a small club in Hamburg – that’s why you hear the audience.

Kettcar – Landungsbrücken Raus

Enjoy and have a good weekend people.


One thought on “The Foreign Correspondent Returns – Stories About German Rock Music # 29

  1. It's almost impossible to describe how much I hated BAP back then (and I still do, I'm afraid!) … seeing and listening to this guy Niedecken's phantasy Kölsch still makes me want to smash something up!

    BAP = “Billig Arsch Poppen”!!

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