What Happened To Pub Rock # 15

As already is mentioned it is a tightrope walk if you write about bands from this times. One are already ascribed the punk or New Wave scene other are to be assigned unambiguously the pub rock scene. What is common, however, to all that they had their roots in the pubs where had to be played live. Todays artist Elvis Costello has definitely his roots in the pub rock scene. But he is also the link to the upcoming punk and new wave scene in Great Britain. There are many words written about him and his career, his collaboration with other great musicians and his affinity to the classic Country Music to bore you with more words. I would only like to say that he is an artist I follow over more than 25 years now. And there are so many songs I would like to post. But which one should I select? Shipbuilding with Chet Baker on trumpet? Something from his jazz influenced Almost Blue? Some of his mid/end 80s records? I decided to give you some songs you might know well. They are from his debut My Aim Is True. For me it is one of the best debut albums ever (I am thinking about a new series about debut albums that impressed me much). On this record he showed us what talent he has in writing songs and performing them. Sadly I didn’t see him live yet – but I’ve got a ticket for his concert in October this year. And I am looking forward to it.

Elvis Costello – Miracle Man
Elvis Costello – Alison
Elvis Costello – Less Than Zero
Elvis Costello – I’m Not Angry
Elvis Costello – Waiting For The End Of The World


One thought on “What Happened To Pub Rock # 15

  1. Yes this IS a very very good debut album. looking forward to the series. But please, do not include the debut album by prog rockers YES, it's terrible

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