These days The Robster wrote about what music means to him. I found so many words I can agree to. I seldom read a text about music and what it can mean which sums up a lot.For mor e than 40 years music accompanied me in different ways. Music makes me feel better when I am  down, gives me the power to continue and inspires me to many things. It is not just one kind of music I like and I don’t stand too close to one kind of genre. Many of my friends still think in musical categories and are not ready to open their ears for new or another kind of music. When I started to follow some blogs a lot of you out there opened my ears for a very different kind of music and introduced me to some kind of music I didn’t know before. For example Dirk posted some gems which are fantastic and I only knew a few of them. That’s what I like – give me still more inspirations. There will be more music outside that should be worth to listen to. All in all: I can’t imagine a life without music. The final words I borrowed by The Robster (sorry) ‘You know what, my boy? You’ve actually had quite a lot of fun and some amazing experiences. Now stop moping and put some music on, you grumpy old bastard’.

Today’s song is from the superb new album by Hollie Cook, the daughter of the Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. She’s a very clear voice and the songs fit absolutely to a warm summer night sitting together with a few friends and a fine bottle of wine.


Hollie Cook – Twice


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