Twanging Tuesday # 30

I just came back from the first game of German playing their first game in the FIFA World Champion Ship against Portugal. Me and my mate were happy about our team played and Christiano Ronaldo got no chance to be part of the game. We’ll look forward to to the upcoming games and we were sure right now to get get the final games. I hope deeply that the English team will win again against Ururguay this week. I watched the game against Italy these days and was astonished about your right wing offender Sterling. I thought about several times, what to show up today in this series. The finally conclusion was a track by Jason and the Scorchers. They were a band playing cowpunk in the 90s. I liked them these days for their power and physical presence. This song was was covered a lot of times. And I think this version shows the abilities of this song.

Enjoy to one more song from Mr. Dylan as a version.


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