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Hello comrades, I started a little break the week before because there were so many other things to do and to arrange that I wasn’t able to write my daily posts. I would like to thank you all for your warm words and be sure it means a lot to me. In the last ten days I worked on our divorce, fixed the selling of our apartment, supported my former wife because she can’t control and direct our son any more, had some guests in our apartment and, in addition I had a difficult and extensive job to do. Sometimes I haven’t know what things should be first done or arranged. Now I hope you understand that I needed some time for a break.

Anyway, for God’s sake there are some things that fetched me back on the ground again. First was watching the games of the FIFA World Championship in Brazil, playing pool with my mates and music of course. So I try to keep running this blog as you might know it. I still have some ideas for the upcoming weeks and to continue my series.

Normally my co-worker arrives almost three hours later in the office as I usually do. So I have plenty of time to play my music alongside. Last week happened that within half an hour three songs appeared by the random list with one subject. All songs trade of the fact that a man calls the person or to call tries he loves to persuade them of it as importantly it is to him that he can meet them once again.

The first one is Sylvia’s Mother by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.The song is an autobiographical song in which  the author Shel Silverstein to his own unsuccessful love. Always I have loved the suffering voice of Ray Sawyer trying to get Silvia on the phone again and her mother blocked telling him him that his love moves away with an other man. I remember my hairs stood up when I first heard him begging ‘Please Mrs. Avery, I got to talk to her only for a while’. I can feel the sadness when her mother said ‘And Sir, won’t you call back again’. And always the operator cuts in to ask for more money throughout the conversation.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show – Silvia’s Mother

The singer doesn’t really suffer but he tries to get a date over the telephone. It’s the 1959 hit single from J.P. Richardson better known as The Big Bopper. He was on of the other guys who died in an airplane crash together with Buddy Holly and Richie Valance. I started reading about rock music in the early 1970s with Nic Cohn’s Pop History. I will never forget what he wrote about this song: He stands in a telephone box, calls a girl and must create like mad to move them to an engagement. He sweats, he giggles, he babbles and dribbles. One feels how his fat shoulders twitch like in the delirium. His stupid suit wraps up him wei a tent, his eyes overflow and his lower lip hangs down limpy. ‘Chantilly lace and a pretty face, pony tail hanging down, wiggle in her walk, giggle in her talk. Lord makes the world go round … Makes him feel real loose, like a long-necked goose’. And all the time he melts away.
And if nothing reaches, of course not, but he does not surrender, nevertheless, and roars and shouts like a democrat from the south with an election rally. The result makes no difference anyway, but the acting achievement counts. ‘Ohh Baby’ he howls ‘You know what I like, You know’. And at this moment he explodes, resolves.

The Big Bopper – Chantilly Lace

The last one is from a band that was famous during the German New Wave. I hate it if they are called in the same breath with bands, they’ve basically have produced musical garbage which achieved unfortunately commercial success. Trio aren’t that way – they were more punk and radical then a lot of others. Anyway, they adapted this theme with spoken words on a simple melody. A guy calls his former girlfriend late at night (probably drunk) to get in contact again with her while he listen to their former song. I’ve to admit that I listened to a song that was recorded by Dombrowski as the girl speaking in this telephone call and I wasn’t in the mood to convert my vinyl. So enjoy the video from German TV.

Hello, Sabine
(Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine)
er how are you 
pay attention sometimes
(Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine)
is on the radio
and er they had this music on the radio
and er there I had to think of course of you
(Sabine Sabine Sabine)
because you had said also last sometimes
I should call quietly again
(I love you I love you)
however, nevertheless, you have said, nevertheless
however, determines certainly
and then this music you know
yes, and then thought I call, nevertheless, sometimes
what, hello, hello, Sabine
I thought only
(Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine)
yes, how like how er oh
nevertheless, you know
(Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine)
this I don’t see in such a way
this is not necessary 
(Sabine Sabine Sabine)
nevertheless, you know this now, nevertheless, is
nevertheless, you and I know you like last sometimes
(I love you I love you)
why? don’t understand this now
last times you have spoken quite differently
so what
exactly exactly
and there you have said this would be everything smells
and this would go quietly thus and er
(Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine)
what oh hear, nevertheless, is even not true
oh god and and generally this is
(Sabine Sabine Sabine Sabine)
no if thus is then fits me also not
this would be clear even smells and würd me
(Sabine Sabine Sabine)
yes, or, nevertheless, what
no because, nevertheless, I mine this everything is so important not
Central issue you and I
and together and feel fine or
(I love you I love you)
cuddle, nothing with cuddle
it’s finally over with cuddling
(I love you I love you)
then forget this shit
okay everything clearly everything clearly
It don’t have to be
(I love you I love you)
then is clearly you call again
or … it’s all okay
(I love you I love you)
okay bye

6 thoughts on “Back On The Blog

  1. He's back. And with the usual idiosyncratic choices in music. Good to see you posting again.

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