That’s What I Watched On TV Years Ago # 1

When I have worked my last series and have investigated the single years I am up so many series pushed with which I have become big. Some weeks ago I have sat with my brother together and we have come with some beers on this subject. We have enumerated ourselves mutually the series which we could remember and with which we are connected in a way at all. Presumably this was the occasion that slowly the thought has matured in me to bring to life over here a series.

Let’s start with one of my favorite – The Rockford Files. It is an US-American crime film series from the 1970s. Central figure is the detective Jim Rockford who is played by James Garner. James Scott Rockford, mostly briefly Jim, spent five years innocently in the prison of San Quentin. After his rehabilitation he sits down as a private detective. He lives on the beach of Malibu, Paradise Cove Road 29, in a caravan which serves him at the same time also as an office. In the solution of his cases often help him his father Rocky, his friend and lawyer Beth and his former co-prisoner Hinge. Access to police acts gets him his friend who procures policeman Dennis Becker, which – although always reworks irritated and around his job – however, over and over again explains suitable “services” for Jim Rockford. Rockfords fee amounts to 200 dollars per day plus expenses which remain his clients, however, often guilty to him. As a detective Jim Rockford distinguishes his ingenuity, empathy and speech talent. With the help of a small, mobile printing press he can get fast a calling card and therefore a suitable camouflage for his activities and receives with it as a rule the desired information. He seldom bears arms (for which he anyway no permission owns). He keeps this in a coffee tin in his kitchen. The coffee would protect the weapon well against the salty sea air as Rockford often told jokingly.

I like to see James Garner playing a detective that was far ahead from the ones that was shown us before. Not too many action or shooting in the story it was the blueprint of many series that followed. In addition, I have always loved his humor with those he his cases has solved. What should also not remain unmentioned one is the soundtrack of Mike Post which has also improved other series.

And additionally a song from 1976 while this series was running successful:

Patti Smith – Because The Night


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