40 Records In 40 Years (40/40 – 2013)

Every series has an end. So also this. Thanks to all of you who have accompanied me during the last months on my trip by the last 40 years. It has given big pleasure to me to let pass these years once again me and to remind me of things which have stamped my life. Looking back I must say that I just made everything again. Without heights and depths I had I would not be the personality I am now. So what happened last year: Christiane’s falling in love with Sri Lanka and trying to based to touch. As some of you know I traveled to this country several times and I can understand why she loves this country. I met there a few people that I call really friends now and I fell in love with Sri Lanka as well. But my future will be in Germany as long as I have to work. For how long I must still work still I can not finally say. It depends on how the basic conditions will be around in in a few years to get retired. But I am sure that I don’t work until I am 67. My basic plan is to get retired in seven years and then spent some time of the year anywhere else than in Germany. But this is far ahead – because I got my 55th birthday last Thursday.

So enjoy your time mates and follow me as you did since that time.

The records that impressed me much this year I’ve listed here.

And for the last time – some songs that I listened to last year:

On many long-distance flights during the last years had I could watch at many new movies

  • 12 Years As A Slave: Seems like the history of slavery is the main theme in Hollywood
  • Gravity: Wonderful pictures with a great soundtrack
  • Dallas Buyers Club: Another drama about being HIV positiv
  • World War Z: One more movie about zombies ruling the world
  • The Butler: Much better than 12 years as a slave
  • Nebraska: Nice and funny road movie
  • Mandela –  Long Walk To Freedom: Good bio-pic
  • The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty: Great story about finding out yourself

It was a year that brought us a lot of fantastic records. In my opinion the best one came from Andrew Weatherall and the Ashpodels. A lot of words were spoken about this record and therefore I only would like to say: It still is a record that I listen often right now. If you don’t know it – give yourself a favor and get it.

The Ashpodells – Beglammered
The Ashpodels – Never There
The Ashpodels – Late Flowering Lust
The Ashpodels – A Love From Outer Space


6 thoughts on “40 Records In 40 Years (40/40 – 2013)

  1. Walter – thank you for this simply fantastic seriesAs well as giving us wonderful music, films and current affairs from the last 40 years it was very brave of you to bear your soul and to share some very personal experiences

  2. Terrific series Walter. And by the way, I highl;y recommend stopping work and just loafing about. You don't need much money to live on, and it's very relaxing.

  3. Thank you Adam. I've got some more ideas for new series. The first one appeared today. Maybe I do a combination of movie, politics or what ever combined with music I think that it would fit to.
    Have a good sunday

  4. This was a great series, Walter! I found something new at times, which is always a good thing of course!

    Thanks, mate!

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