What Happened To Pub Rock # 14

Today I would like to lose some words about a band which has become a firm institution in the pub rock scene. Nevertheless, looking back for many people only the fact that Joe Strummer has left the group to join The Clash will remain. I won’t tell you some new facts that The Sex Pistols supported the 101ers. Therefore some statements by Joe Strummer himself:

“5 seconds into their (the Pistols’) first song, I knew we were like yesterday’s paper, we were over.”

 know the 101ers were good. In fact, as far as sound and excitement went we were much better than Eddie and the Hot Rods. The other guys in the group were twenty-five and twenty-six and they played good because they’d spent a few years getting that far. But they were just too old. What I really wanted was to get in with some young yobbo’s who I was more in tune with.”

Anyway, this band should be named in this series.


The 101ers – Sweet Revenge
The 101ers – Gloria
The 101ers – Motors Boy Motor
The 101ers – Keys To Your Heart


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