Swords Of A Thousand Men

The average rock fan wouldn’t remember Tenpole Tudor but I am sure that the ones who was addicted to punk music would remember very well. They were close to the Sex Pistols and had their first appearance in the movie The Great Rock and Roll Swindle. In the early 80s they had some chart success with songs like Three Bells In a Row and Wünderbar. I found a review at allmusic that says everything about the band:

This was a band, after all, that came across as a gang of rockabilly toughs decked out in medieval garb, led by a gangly, goofy drama student that could sing but not carry a tune. This was a band that reveled in silly antics and sillier songs, stealing from old-time rock & roll, punk, novelty pop, and country, turning it into a joyous, catchy cacophony. They were misfits, classic British eccentrics making music that was a jumbled mess of American pop music, filtered through wry British humor and punk. If they were a footnote, at best, to rock history, some may wonder why the hell anyone would want Swords of a Thousand Men…

So enjoy and sing along to this little gem.

Tenpole Tudor – Swords Of A Thousand Men


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