The Foreign Correspondent – Stories About German Rock Music # 27

When I started this series I thought it will end after a couple of weeks, not expecting that it last this long. In # 2 of this series I introduced you to Neonbabies a band that was well known in the beginning of the so called German New Wave. In the beginning two sisters, Inga and Annette Humpe was heard on vocals. Both of them were part of the Berlin punk scene in the late 70s. There were many rumors why Annette has left the group. Anyway, it was a good decision. Because if she didn’t go her own musical way we would have missed another band in this era. Ideal was a band which hit the nerve of the time and they combined classical punk attitude, short riffs and a forward going rhythm with lyrics which act from the life and also the boredom of young people in Berlin at these days. Their self titled debut record from 1980 was nearly the start of a lot of other bands to catch the bus to Hitsville Germany to do it the same way. This record was played at these times in so many pubs in my town because a lot of people could agree to this sound. The band split in 1983 announcing it to the media with an telex: „The group Ideal resolves. Ideally was planned from beginning as a project, a study group which should insist so long, how the differences of the single members made the work exciting and creative. Our music was always a result of the discussion of four different personalities, find not around compromises, but around songs to (him) on which everybody could stand. In three great years we have got out of this constellation the best.“

Enjoy and have a good weekend people.

Ideal – Berlin
Ideal – Blaue Augen
Ideal – Hundsgemein
Ideal – Luxus
Ideal – Roter Rolls Royce


2 thoughts on “The Foreign Correspondent – Stories About German Rock Music # 27

  1. It still sends shivers to my spine when Ideal are thrown into the same stinking “German New Wave” pot that already includes all those awful one hit wonders of the time that jumped the train back then just to get a piece of the cake … you (Germans) know the ones I mean … what a fantastic band they were, that's for sure!

    Also, Walter, try to get your hands on their final recording, 'Zugabe': great live tracks plus two songs fairly unknown.

  2. Your're right! It's a shame to call their name to the fucking GNW because their're too good for it. And I'll watch out for Zugabe, Dirk

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