Burning Down The House

The last week my colleague has kept free himself some days. Because our musical taste is completely different I have perceived the opportunity and alongside have heard music. Usually I start work earlier than him and I listen to my music until he comes. Sometimes he asks me who’s playing and I tell him. Sometimes he can agree with the music that was playing and some times he don’t. Most of the time I switch of my player after the song is over to get him a chance to hear different kind of music. But it’s like cast pearls before swine when he told me to switch off  the fantastic mix Hazienda by Andrew Weatherall. Anyway, this song appeared on the shuffle and I thought I ought to post it these days. It’s the live version of Burning Down The House by Talking Heads. And this song is still brilliant! I loved this band since they released their first record in the late 70s. A perfect combination of funky rhythms and a new way of performing them. I seldom heard a bass player using his instrument like Tina Weymouth did. And the vocals of David Byrne fit accurately to the songs. And the movie Stop Making Sense is a milestone in this genre. I remember this movie very well and for many people it was new, if with every song a band member comes more on the stage. I first saw it by Joe Jackson in the very early 80s. This song is the first song that the entire band played in the movie.


Talking Heads – Burning Down The House


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