Run Daddy Run

Weekends over and another working week ahead. This week C. will come back from Sri Lanka to watch out what’s to be done in the next weeks. For me it’s just another busy week ahead in which I don’t know what problems in our projects I should be work. Anyway, let’s start this week with a song from Fun Lovin’ Criminals a New York based band who plays a fantastic mixture of alternative rock, hip hop, funk, blues and jazz. As a band, they cover such issues as organized crime, recreational drug use, violence, poverty and politics. Their songs are often gritty or existentialist in nature, but are just as often humorous or satirical. One of my favorites is Run, Daddy, Run which shows their abilities maybe the best. It’s a very good mixture of the styles I described.

Have a good start into the week people

Fun Lovin’ Criminals –


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