Bring It Down

Today’s bank holiday in Germany and many other countries celebrating the International Workers Day. In my younger days I used to got to political rallies organized by local unions at this day. I don’t really know when and why I stopped it. Maybe it was at these days I got in conflict with some leading members of the union. It was in the mid 90s when some organized members of our workers council in the bank tried to install the unions ideals more than they should. I remember big discussions when I was a member of our working council. For me the fact was decisive that I have dissociated myself from the trade union that consciously the untruthfulness was said. There was clear for me that it is for the trade union not about the workers, but therefore her aims to realize. Another fact might be that in 1933 the Nazi government declared May 1 as the ‘Day of National Work’ an official state holiday and announced that all celebrations were to be organized by the government. Any separate celebration by communists, social democrats or labour unions were banned. Deep in my socialist heart I feel a little pain, seeing that this day was occupied by lots of group for their own aims and ideas and that they forgot what ideas originally stood behind this day.

Redskins – Bring It Down (These Insane Things)


One thought on “Bring It Down

  1. Excellent choice Walter, they could do some excellent songs. I can remember seeing the Three Johns doing their own take on The Redskins, lots of grunting and generally taking the mick.

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