What Happened To Pub Rock # 10

How was said quite several times for me pub rock were the basis and above all the catalyst for punk rock. The music of the bands that belong to this genre reduced their music to the basics. Based on the old R&B they played simple hand-made music again. Most of them learned how to play in front of the audience. Some bands were able to join the new music that would be played in the mid 70s. The best example were The 101ers with Joe Strummer. At the end of this little series I would like to feature Eddie and the Hot Rods. A band that started with playing cover versions of classical 60s cuts is for me the link from pub rock to punk rock. Their single Do anything you wanna do is for many of my mates a classic punk rock song. I think this song has both: the new power of punk and the classic influence of R&B. According to my opinion their first publications are very good examples how pub rock sounded like over 40 years ago.

Eddie and the Hot Rods – Get Across To You
Eddie and the Hot Rods – Teenage Depression
Eddie and the Hot Rods – Horseplay (Wearier of the Schmaltz)
Eddie and the Hot Rods – Been So Long
Eddie and the Hot Rods – Cruisin’ (In the Lincoln)


One thought on “What Happened To Pub Rock # 10

  1. That almost twangy guitar in Get Across To You sounds a bit like Dave Edmunds, who you metioned the other day! Good stuff.

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