Chatham Girls

It’s just another lazy day on the beach after we had a spontanous party yesterday. Nothing more to do than to reed some novels I wanted to read since several weeks or to hang around with the staff of my favourite beachbar. They told me a few more words in their language so that I am not only used to look out for someone who is able to speak English. It is 3 p.m. and I decided to have another beer while I write this post. Fantastic to sit here in the shade getting cooled by a refreshing breeze from the sea watching the blue and green water and listening to the sound of the waves. That is what I call recreation and it will get me the power to manage the things that Ihave to do in the next n´months.

Today’s song comes from The Singing Loins another underrated band from the 90s. But our old hero Billy Childish had more than one ear for them. If you want to know how they sound – here’s a short excerpt from their homepage:

The Loins’ song writing was steeped in the British & European traditions of Punk, Folk, Music Hall, Character, Chorus, Cabaret, Melodrama & Buffoonery. Singing tales of underdogs, suicides, circus freaks, the bereaved, frustrated and heart-broken, the washed up and mentally ill. Ever enduring outsiders, it’s likely they were the world’s longest serving, truly amateur, original musical group. They were certainly the fucking best.
Now the history lesson….Brod and Arf started The Loins as a raw, stripped down acoustic duo in 1990 and soon had Medway legend Billy Childish in their corner. He recorded their first two albums live in his bathroom onto a mono Revox tape machine and released them on his Hangman label. These savage rarities are now swapping hands for big dollars on EBay and are often quoted as major influences by young purveyors of punk/folk.
After a couple more self-released albums and a great album with Billy Childish called ‘At The Bridge’ they split in 1999. After a 6 year lay-off they shook hands and returned in 2005 with a triumphant comeback album, ‘Songs To Hear Before You Die’, and the same year were joined by Rob Shepherd, who played junk shop banjo and mandolin on their 2007 album, ’The Drowned Man Resuscitator’. Johnny Bass then joined the party on 2009’s ‘Unravelling England’, 2011’s ‘Stuff’ and 2012’s ‘…here on earth’. 

The Singing Loins – Chatham Girls


5 thoughts on “Chatham Girls

  1. Walter, just stop it until you return, please: I can't stand your holiday reports (especially reading about the fine time you have in this bar gets on me nerves!) any longer and bear in mind that people have murdered for jealousy!!

    I fucking had to scratch ice off me windshield at 6 o'clock this morning before I could drive to work!!

  2. Hi Walter, glad you're enjoying yourself. We've had good weather here too, I've been down to the beach just lying on the sand reading a book. It's great.
    Good tune today.

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