The Foreign Correspondent – Stories About German Rock Music # 22

I think a lot of you people out there are waiting for my daily post. So please don’t be too sad when I am not able to do this right now. There are too many things that has to be done and I don’t find the time to write some posts.

Today I want to introduce a German band that made Hip Hop with German lyrics famous. It was back in the very late 80s when me and my mate went to the local youth club to see a brand new German Rap band live. We decided to go there because of some good reviews about their gigs in some underground newspaper. Astonished that there were only 50 people around we what will happen. Then four guys entered the stage and did an awesome concert. Not really sure if we should believe or not – rapping in German works very well. If this early concert didn’t represent their later abilities we knew that they could be something great. It was one of my first concerts ever a band used to  have a DJ working on the turntables. In this time they combined fantastic samples with a steady beat and some kind of rock music. A short time later they entered the charts with their first hit single Die da, a story about a girl that has only time for her boyfriend one day a week (the other days she’s out with other boyfriends). Most of their later records reached high numbers in the charts. Their abilities of playing unplugged was shown by MTV when they filmed an appearance live in a cave in northern Germany.

Enjoy and have a good weekend, wherever you may stay

Die Fantastischen Vier – Der Picknicker


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