The Foreign Correspondent – Stories About German Rock Music # 21

It was in 1968 as an Irmin Schmidt and Holger Czukay founded a group in Cologne which had a lasting influence on the following generations of musicians. Both had their musical education by the avantgarde musician Karlheinz Stockhausen who learned them thinking in new forms. Originally they took up the thought of the free jazz and tried to create about improvisations a new sound. The fact that they should immediately create a landmark in the history of music with her first album was not to be seen. You can describe their music as a mixture of Krautrock and Psychedelic. The whole story of Can could be seen here. I was introduced to their music in the early 70s by an older friend. When I first listened to their song I was very confused, because this kind of music I didn’t used to hear. But the more I listened to their music the more I learned about the structure of the songs. Can was one of the first bands that combined constantly recurring beats with improvisations of a subject like one it knows from the jazz area. Their musical legacy was inspiration for so many different kind of bands like Joy Division, The Fall, PIL and many other bands from the punk and new wave era and bands like Talking Heads, Happy Mondays and Stone Roses as well.

Can – You Doo Right
Can – Father Cannot Yell
Can – Mushroom


2 thoughts on “The Foreign Correspondent – Stories About German Rock Music # 21

  1. I can understand Jo! It's not everyones music. But this series is a little bit of a journey through the last 50 years of music.
    Have both a very good time.

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