40 Records in 40 Years (29/40 – 2002)

2002 – the first year after 9-11 and life goes on as nothing really happened. What remains for us do otherwise than continue living our lives and not make us crazy from the daily news of the war against terrorism? But since the attack on the WTC, a lot has changed. Before the attack traveling was relaxed, we have since been at the airport more and more controlled. I’ve been to many places before and at none time I had to worry about my life. I remember when I was on Corsica in the late 80s sitting in a bar I heard a bomb exploding a few streets away and I don’t give much attention on it. This year we spent our holidays in Bali – a wonderful island and still worth to visit. Fantastic beaches, tropical hills, great reefs for snorkeling and impressive tea plants. We arrived in Kuta and started a self organized round trip. All in all a wonderful vacation and a trip we still remember. When we came back home we heard the news about a bombing attack at Kuta beach where a lot of people died. The bomb exploded right at a bar we used to have our drinks. We were just lucky that the attack has not happened a few weeks earlier. Since I’m on vacation attentive and pay attention to things that I have not previously registered. Not that I am afraid but I know that things can happen to me – anytime, anywhere.

All right – let’s have a look at this years records:

  • Tocotronic – Tocotronic: Another great record from this Hamburg band
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf: Heavy guitars and great songs
  • Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head: On the same level as before
  • Red Hot Chilly Peppers – By the Way: Great – according to masses
  • The Libertines – Up the Bracket: Sensational debut
  • The Streets – Original Pirate Material: Fantastic and very very special
  • Billy Bragg and the Blokes – England, Half English: Another great record by our beloved socialist
  • Groove Armada – AnotherLateNight: Great stuff on it
  • The Ravonettes – Whip it on: Just an EP but what a record
  • Spoon – Kill the Moonlight: Another record that gets better the more you listen to it
  • Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man in Babylon: Perfect fusion of dub and latin

And as always – a look at this years movies:

  • The Pianist: A masterpiece by Roman Polanski
  • About Schmidt: Great story and a wonderful Jack Nicholson
  • Frida: Biopic about a great painter
  • About a Boy: Just a nice story
  • The Bourne Identity: Fascinating
  • The Transporter: The best one in this series
  • The Ring: Remake of a Japanese horror movie
  • 8 Mile: Eminem shows us the life in trailer parks
  • City of God: Fantastic movie of Brazilians dark side

And just a few words about what happened in the world this year:

The Euro notes and coins are available // Civil war in Angola // US army starts invasion in Afghanistan // Queen mother dies at the age of 101 // Pim Fortuyn a dutch politician an Prime Minister candidate is assassinated in Hilversum, Netherlands // Brazil wins the FIFA Football World Cup 2:0 against Germany

My attention was on this band by their song “Pilot”, an initially inconspicuous and somewhat remarkable piece of music. Restrained instruments, backed by a rhythm shun, like a ballade, yet different. Then was come an insinuating and gentle rough voice accompanied the chorus of wonderful string instruments – I was spellbound. I knew I needed more of The Notwist. What was then presented me with Neon Golden, surpassed any of my expectations.
“In contrast,” is probably the perfect description for this album. Unconventional advised the boys of The Notwist on an inclined sound drum. Strange, remarkable beats almost adorn every song – you realize that every song was produced and arranged with unusual concentration and care. … Different … and then – awesome. Wonderful, indispensable …
“Neon Golden” has a variety of variety, “Pick up the Phone”, “One with the Freaks” and “Consequence” belong to the most often mentioned diamonds this treasure chest are also considered out tip, if you look at but the best to will lift the end, you can hear the album but it was only at home – consistently and appropriately titled “One Step Inside Does not Mean You Do not Understand”, a verse text, quiet gliding music – and you already knows: this album should be listened to from start until the end in a row. Then meet a gem like “Pilot”, the diversity and innovativeness of The Notwist here comes to its best advantage, because the song from the beginning, chorus through to the end its variety of pages shows – as all the time in “Neon Golden “.

The Notwist – One Step Inside Doesn’t Mean You Understand
The Notwist – Pilot
The Notwist – Pick Up the Phone
The Notwist – One With the Freaks
The Notwist – Consequence


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