The Foreign Correspondent – Stories About German Rock Music # 17

Konstantin Wecker is a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, actor and author. Born in Munich shortly after World War II and started to play instruments before he was ten years old. He became well known in Germany by his political activities in the early 70s peace movement. In this time he wrote his ballad Willy a deduction with the 68s generation and the topical states in Bavaria. This song got me shiver when I first listen to it. And still the hairs on my arms will stand up by listening to this song again. This song is a cult-classical for those people in my age who done some political activities.

Later he was hardly addicted to the hip Munich in-crowd and also to Cocain. Getting rid of it he started a collaboration with famous German jazz musicians like Wolfgang Dauner and Charlie Mariano.

Because this song is sung in the Bavarian dialect which also many Germans can not understand completely, I have tried to translate the text basically.

Willy my God , now that I see you lying there , so far away behind the glass , just two lives far away, I think that it has to come this way. I think you have it done by design , Willy .

It started all 68, do you remember: we are all two run there for freedom and peace, with big eyes and we have called: people stop staring , come down and get in line with us! And you were already up just a bit more than we are, getting a little wilder and a little more honest.

We want to show it to everyone, Willy, and you said at that time: freedom, Wecker, freedom is not being afraid of nothing and no one. But we’re honest, we already had a sinking feeling, because those opportunists who are just run there, because things just because of the Sunday afternoon-revolutionaries: You hit your girlfiend if she looks another guy during you get angry about the middle-class morality. The same ones that are now completely silent , because otherwise they have to fear reprisals. And you’ve already said at the time: I cannot stand this for a long time because there is too much fashion in it. When the whole crowd already exchanged their Porsche against a small car, something is wrong in the great revolution. Because run along without thinking can not be good – not even for a good cause .

Yesterday they killed Willy and today he is buried .

Then you started with drinking and I believe that you have also given up a little bit. I understand you, if you consider consider what has become of the great fighters. Today they already think yes with 17 on their old-age rent. Nevertheles , Willy, you have to fight until you drop, even if the whole world was open to the ass, or just because .

And at some point you start to look for the real people. Those who do not always say ‘yes sir ‘. Back in the pubs around the Viktualienmarkt in Munich and at railway station corner. They are real Willy, but I warn you: they are already real ut they are beaten and downtrodden . And who is getting beaten and kicked, Willy, he sometimes strike back. But you said that you have no fear and nobody does anything to you. You silly dog – now you see that nobody does anything .

Damn, Willy! If we had been yesterday  on the moon or on the Amazon River in a dugout or alone on a hilltop, three steps away from the sky, everywhere not just in this unfortunate pub.

I have said in the morning, come let us go out , the weather is so clear and the mountains seem so close. Let’s just make a day of blue. Like the time in school. You were a little drunk in the morning and in the evening you had once again need to show what kind of guy you are .

In the beginning it was quite cozy. We warmed up the old stories again, who has time flirting with the teacher’s wife. It was so beautiful and sentimental until this idiot came to our table. With his simple-minded face, small, spongy and brown. And then he asked us if we were in the army. Well, we have found quite amusing. And that he is so happy now everything is okay and stop off in the socialist government. And the youth is always reasonable, and in Bavaria they always know where to go .

Willy , I just knew you were not long standing that and then he started to sing a song of Horst Wessel and the other at the pub have hummed softly. And your head is swollen and suddenly you’re jumped up and you shouted: Shut Up, fascist !

It was quiet – it has crackled . The air was like a wall – to hold . At this time we could have been gone, Willy. But no, I can not even understand you had to stay. And then it went to the other table started: Just go to Russia you communist. Of course, there has to spin it when it’s that time again . But anyway, let’s go I said. Who harms already The old idiot harms no one . Nothing you said. All harm us. The old and the young idiots. And then a young one cuts off his glass on the next table, quietly stood up and approached you. Willy, you stupid dog. I have you packed your jacket and wanted to pull you out but you’ve torn off and called you  freedom , that is, have no fear of anything or anyone. You are on to him and then he struck.

Willy . we would but only somewhere this early morning. I still need you very much. We all need someone such as you have been .

Yesterday it they have slain the Willy and today he is buried .

This is a stripped version of this song. Just the singer and his piano but it shows us how intensive it is.


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