Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I started this Sunday as usual with a good coffee and toast with jam and checking out the newest posts on my blogroll. Over at the fantastic Bagging Area Swiss Adam couldn’t decide which clip he should favor by Small Faces ‘All or Nothing’. I would chose the live one because it shows what the Small Faces are famous for – mod inspired rhythm and blues (what was called beat music these days) and the fantastic voice of Steve Marriot. As I watched the live video I thought I’ve seen it before. And yes, I found it. This clip was a part of a 12 minute live appearance from the Small Faces. Here’s the full version:

It was taken from a variety show on German TV called Beat Club. With this broadcasting the German television has walked on absolute new territory at his time , while they rock and pop bands from Great Britain and Overseas have introduced. Most of them played live and it was a monthly highlight when it was broadcast. I remember how we had to fight to watch it, because it was it was broadcast on Saturday at tea time when my parents wanted to relax and I wanted to watch all these bands. Everyone of them shook their heads telling us what kind of shitty music this is and how strange the artists look and dress. And I knew from my friends that they had to fight the same way.

And here is a song the I always listen with great joy:

Have a relaxed Sunday!


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