I Want To Know

Business work is over for this year my friends. During the last months I was working so hard on some projects ans special duties that I almost lost my power. In fact that I didn’t had a chance throughout the last months to get some days off I take my unused holidays until the first week of the next year. Not knowing what to do I booked a flight down to Sri Lanka again. Also to see how C.’s business is running or not. I think it might be fine to stay over Christmas time and New Year Day somewhere where it is not as cold and rainy as in Germany. I finished packing my bags and will go out for a beer later this afternoon – and tomorrow I’ll fly.

So don’t be too disappointed when you miss my daily blog. I try to keep it alive down there. Todays song is from Adriano Celentano from his superb album Quel Punto. Have a nice week

Adriano Celentano – I Want To Know


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