Always On My Mind

It’s just a song I listen to on a relaxing evening after a hard day in office. It’s terrible but everyone loads the weight of doing a job done at the right time on my shoulders. But I don’t want to lament about – it’s the job I wanted to do. But right now I found this superb song from World Party on my hard-drive and I want to invite you all to this lyrics. Don’t know much more songs with lyrics that I can agree too.

Have a good end of your working week people.

Where do you begin to explain the mess,

The mess you made of it?

I was only out for half an hour,

I said “please look after it”.

You had to think that you know best

And forget all the golden rules,

You ignored the difficult truth

And opened the door to fools.

Now I see the strong ones make,

I see the weak ones break,

I see you running out of time.

You got a finger in every pie,

Well what did I expect?

You made an art-form out of talking shit,

And partying ’til you’re wrecked.

In the small hours it’s so easy to feel

You’ve got some big ideas,

But in the morning you should put them away

Cos’ you know they’ll end in tears.

I see the strong ones fake,

While the weak can’t stay awake,

You know you’re always on my mind.

And football’s all about training shoes

Yeah, it’s added up to this.

And religion’s all about bums on seats.

And if you’re livin’ in the West

Mum’s apple pie is full of ‘E’s,

And Dad ain’t at his best;

His new car was designed by God

But Jesus, he looks a mess.

I see the strong ones take,

I see the weak, the weak ones ache,

You know it’s always on my mind.

While we’re busying ourselves with mines,

The chemists are working late.

They gotta breed an indestructible gene

To wipe us all away.

They’re just following their inquisitiveness,

Well that’s what they like to say.

But it sounds like they’re just following orders

Like the Nazis used to say.

I see the gas clouds shake,

I see the rivers ache,

You know it’s always on my mind.

What kind of music are you playing there, son?

What is that old machine?

Doesn’t matter I can’t hear the words,

Cos’ I don’t care what they mean.

Yeah I believe you,

You’re a real street fighter,

Gonna change the system from within.

Hey watch this guy, he’s a bare faced liar

Yeah, that’s, that’s him in the limousine.

I hear your bullshit take,

I hear your drum-machine break,

You know it’s always on my mind.

If Jesus came now

He’d say “Lord get me outta here,

Cos’ I, I just can’t handle this”.

The Lord would say

“Hey Jesus what d’ya mean?

It was always going to be this way”.

“All Mighty Father, you are full of shit,

Cos’ the folks down here, don’t wanna be saved.

Why have they forsaken themselves?

And used hypocritical armour-plating”.

I see the strong ones take,

I see the weak ones break,

You know it’s always on my mind.

If you were passing in a space vehicle,

And you came close to Planet Earth,

You wouldn’t stop by for tea

Cos’ of the screaming that you heard;

And the lying, and the cheating, and the gnashing of teeth,

And the straight-ahead mental deformation.

You’d head on to Venus

With its welcoming sulphuric acid precipitation.

Who’d want to stop where the strong ones reign,

But they won’t ease the weak ones pain?

You know out of sight would be really out of mind.

Well I’m sittin’ here watching little kids starve,

And worlds get thrown away.

I’m thinking there’s just gonna be more

Before any goodness has its way.

I’m sick of feeling sick of you,

You’re too smart to be like this.

But you’ve got no legends that will guide your soul,

Now you’re really taking the piss.

I see the weak ones strong someday,

Not in any silly Communist way,

More like in the movement of Elvis’ hip-sway,

When civilisation comes and stays,

When all the corporations have gone away,

When laughing gas is handed out on the Big Love Day,

When egos are driven underground cos’ they get no approbation,

When boys and girls are laughing in every nation,

When the Truth is pursued for relaxation,

When living with the world is our aspiration,

When there’s no mileage in hate, and no gas-stations,

And the creatures are protected from mammals to crustaceans,

And the soul has found it’s LIBERATION.

You know this is always on my mind.


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